Parental Alienation Awareness Day Parental Alienation Awareness Day - April 25

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Year Location PDF
2022 Canada: Ontario: Ottawa Download
2022 USA: Alabama: Download
2022 USA: Florida: Auburndale Download
2022 USA: Florida: Bartow Download
2022 USA: Florida: Lakeland Download
2022 USA: MA: Fall River Download
2022 USA: Maryland: Baltimore Download
2022 USA: MT: Missoula Download
2022 USA: New Jersey: Trenton Download
2022 USA: North Carolina: Greensboror Download
2022 USA: Ohio: Canton Download
2022 USA: Oklahoma: Tulsa Download
2022 USA: Texas: Forney Download
2022 USA: Texas: Heath Download
2022 USA: Texas: Kaufman Download
2022 USA: Texas: Rockwall Download
2022 USA: Texas: Royse City Download
2022 USA: Texas: Seagonsville Download
2021 Canada: Nova Scotia: Halifax Download
2021 Canada: ON: Collingwood Download
2021 Canada: ON: New Tecumseth Download
2021 Canada: On: Ottawa Download
2021 Canada: Ontario: Toronto Download
2021 USA: GA: Locust Grove Download
2021 USA: GA: McDonough Download
2021 USA: Massachusetts: Fall River Download
2020 Canada: ontario: barrie Download
2020 USA: Florida: Auburndale Download
2020 USA: Florida: Bartow Download
2020 USA: Florida: Lakeland Download
2020 USA: Florida: Palm Beach County Download
2020 USA: Florida: Polk County Download
2020 USA: Florida: Tampa Download
2020 USA: Florida: Winter Haven Download
2019 Canada: Ontario: Brampton Download
2019 Canada: Ontario: Oakville Download
2019 Canada: Ontario: Ottawa Download
2019 USA: Alabama: Download
2019 USA: Alabama: Alabaster Download
2019 USA: Alabama: Albertville Download
2019 USA: Alabama: Alexander City Download
2019 USA: Alabama: Andalusia Download
2019 USA: Alabama: Athens Download
2019 USA: Alabama: Auburn Download
2019 USA: Alabama: Birmingham Download
2019 USA: Alabama: Chelsea Download
2019 USA: Alabama: DECATUR Download
2019 USA: Alabama: Eclectic Download
2019 USA: Alabama: Florence Download
2019 USA: Alabama: Gordo Download
2019 USA: Alabama: Helena Download
2019 USA: Alabama: Hoover Download
2019 USA: Alabama: Huntsville Download
2019 USA: Alabama: Jacksonville Download
2019 USA: Alabama: LaFayette Download
2019 USA: Alabama: Mobile Download
2019 USA: Alabama: Montevallo Download
2019 USA: Alabama: Moody Download
2019 USA: Alabama: Opelika Download
2019 USA: Alabama: Pelham Download
2019 USA: Alabama: Prattville Download
2019 USA: Alabama: Robertsdale Download
2019 USA: Alabama: Sheffield Download
2019 USA: Alabama: Tallassee Download
2019 USA: Alabama: Trussville Download
2019 USA: Alabama: Tuscaloosa Download
2019 USA: Alabama: Vincent Download
2019 USA: Alabama: Wetumpka Download
2019 USA: Texas: Keller Download
2019 USA: Texas: Watauga Download
2018 Canada: Ontario: Oakville Download
2018 USA: AL: Alabaster Download
2018 USA: AL: Albertville Download
2018 USA: AL: Alexander City Download
2018 USA: AL: Aliceville Download
2018 USA: AL: Andalusia Download
2018 USA: AL: Athens Download
2018 USA: AL: Auburn Download
2018 USA: AL: Bessemer Download
2018 USA: AL: Birmingham Download
2018 USA: AL: Calera Download
2018 USA: AL: Centreville Download
2018 USA: AL: Chelsea Download
2018 USA: AL: Childersburg Download
2018 USA: AL: Clanton Download
2018 USA: AL: Clayton Download
2018 USA: AL: Columbiana Download
2018 USA: AL: Cullman Download
2018 USA: AL: Dadeville Download
2018 USA: AL: Decatur Download
2018 USA: AL: Dothan Download
2018 USA: AL: Eclectic Download
2018 USA: AL: Enterprise Download
2018 USA: AL: Eufaula Download
2018 USA: AL: Florence Download
2018 USA: AL: Gadsden Download
2018 USA: AL: Georgiana Download
2018 USA: AL: Glencoe Download
2018 USA: AL: Gordo Download
2018 USA: AL: Grove Hill Download
2018 USA: AL: Harpersville Download
2018 USA: AL: Helena Download
2018 USA: AL: Hoover Download
2018 USA: AL: Huntsville Download
2018 USA: AL: LaFayette Download
2018 USA: AL: Maplesville Download
2018 USA: AL: Millbrook Download
2018 USA: AL: Mobile Download
2018 USA: AL: Montevallo Download
2018 USA: AL: Montgomery Download
2018 USA: AL: Moody Download
2018 USA: AL: Muscle Shoals Download
2018 USA: AL: Opelika Download
2018 USA: AL: Orange Beach Download
2018 USA: AL: Pelham Download
2018 USA: AL: Phenix City Download
2018 USA: AL: Prattville Download
2018 USA: AL: Robertsdale Download
2018 USA: AL: Samson Download
2018 USA: AL: Scottsboro Download
2018 USA: AL: Sheffield Download
2018 USA: AL: Sulligent Download
2018 USA: AL: Sylacauga Download
2018 USA: AL: Talladega Download
2018 USA: AL: Tallassee Download
2018 USA: AL: Troy Download
2018 USA: AL: Trussville Download
2018 USA: AL: Tuscaloosa Download
2018 USA: AL: Tuscumbia Download
2018 USA: AL: Wetumpka Download
2018 USA: AL: Wilton Download
2018 USA: Alabama: Download
2017 Canada: Ontario: Barrie Download
2017 Canada: Ontario: Oakville Download
2017 Canada: Ontario: Ottawa Download
2017 USA: AL: Alabama Download
2017 USA: AL: Alabaster Download
2017 USA: AL: Alexander City Download
2017 USA: AL: Athens Download
2017 USA: AL: Auburn Download
2017 USA: AL: Bessemer Download
2017 USA: AL: Birmingham Download
2017 USA: AL: Brent Download
2017 USA: AL: Calera Download
2017 USA: AL: Chelsea Download
2017 USA: AL: Childersburg Download
2017 USA: AL: Clanton Download
2017 USA: AL: Clayton Download
2017 USA: AL: Columbiana Download
2017 USA: AL: Cullman Download
2017 USA: AL: Dothan Download
2017 USA: AL: Eclectic Download
2017 USA: AL: Enterprise Download
2017 USA: AL: Eufaula Download
2017 USA: AL: Florence Download
2017 USA: AL: Gadsden Download
2017 USA: AL: Georgiana Download
2017 USA: AL: Gordo Download
2017 USA: AL: Harpersville Download
2017 USA: AL: Hayneville Download
2017 USA: AL: Helena Download
2017 USA: AL: Hoover Download
2017 USA: AL: Huntsville Download
2017 USA: AL: Maplesville Download
2017 USA: AL: Mobile Download
2017 USA: AL: Montevallo Download
2017 USA: AL: Montgomery Download
2017 USA: AL: Moody Download
2017 USA: AL: Muscle Shoals Download
2017 USA: AL: Opelika Download
2017 USA: AL: Orange Beach Download
2017 USA: AL: Pelham Download
2017 USA: AL: Phenix City Download
2017 USA: AL: Pike Road Download
2017 USA: AL: Prattville Download
2017 USA: AL: Robertsdale Download
2017 USA: AL: Scottsboro Download
2017 USA: AL: Selma Download
2017 USA: AL: Sheffield Download
2017 USA: AL: Sulligent Download
2017 USA: AL: Sylacauga Download
2017 USA: AL: Tallassee Download
2017 USA: AL: Troy Download
2017 USA: AL: Trussville Download
2017 USA: AL: Tuscaloosa Download
2017 USA: AL: Tuscumbia Download
2017 USA: AL: Tuskegee Download
2017 USA: AL: Vincent Download
2017 USA: AL: Westover Download
2017 USA: AL: Wetumpka Download
2017 USA: Florida: Bartow Download
2017 USA: Florida: Lakeland Download
2017 USA: Florida: Winter Haven Download
2016 Canada: Ontario: Oshawa Download
2016 Canada: Saskatchewan: Estevan Download
2016 France: NORTH DEPARTMENT 59: HELLEMMES Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Alabaster Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Aliceville Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Anniston Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Athens Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Auburn Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Bessemer Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Birmingham Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Brent Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Calera Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Chelsea Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Childersburg Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Clanton Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Clayton Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Columbiana Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Cullman Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Dothan Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Enterprise Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Eufaula Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Florence Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Gadsden Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Georgiana Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Grove Hill Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Harpersville Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Helena Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Hoover Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Huntsville Download
2016 USA: Alabama: LaFayette Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Maplesville Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Mobile Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Monroeville Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Montevallo Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Montgomery Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Moody Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Muscle Shoals Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Opelika Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Orange Beach Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Pelham Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Phenix City Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Pike Road Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Prattville Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Robertsdale Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Scottsboro Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Selma Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Sheffield Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Sylacauga Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Talladega Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Troy Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Tuscaloosa Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Tuscumbia Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Vincent Download
2016 USA: Alabama: Westover Download
2016 USA: California: Arcata Download
2016 USA: California: Buena Park Download
2016 USA: California: Calexico Download
2016 USA: California: Chino Hills Download
2016 USA: California: Coachella Download
2016 USA: California: Colton Download
2016 USA: California: Cupertino Download
2016 USA: California: El Centro Download
2016 USA: California: Indio Download
2016 USA: California: Jackson Download
2016 USA: California: Loma Linda Download
2016 USA: California: Martinez Download
2016 USA: California: Moreno Valley Download
2016 USA: California: Plymouth Download
2016 USA: California: Rancho Mirage Download
2016 USA: California: Rialto Download
2016 USA: California: Sand City Download
2016 USA: California: Santa Clara Download
2016 USA: California: Santee Download
2016 USA: California: South El Monte Download
2016 USA: California: Watsonville Download
2016 USA: California: Wetumpka Download
2016 USA: California: Wildomar Download
2016 USA: Michigan: Download
2016 USA: North Carolina: Winston Salem Download
2015 Canada: ON: Oakville Download
2015 Canada: Ontario: Toronto Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Alabaster Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Albertville Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Anniston Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Athens Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Auburn Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Bessemer Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Birmingham Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Brent Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Calera Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Chelsea Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Childersburg Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Clanton Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Clayton Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Columbiana Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Cullman Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Dothan Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Eclectic Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Enterprise Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Eufaula Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Fairfield Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Florence Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Fort Deposit Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Gadsden Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Georgiana Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Glencoe Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Gordo Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Grovehill Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Harpersville Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Helena Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Hoover Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Huntsville Download
2015 USA: Alabama: LaFayette Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Maplesville Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Millbrook Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Montevallo Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Montgomery Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Moody Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Muscle Shoals Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Opelika Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Orange Beach Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Pelham Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Phenix City Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Prattville Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Robertsdale Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Samson Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Scottsboro Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Selma Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Sheffield Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Slocomb Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Sulligent Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Sylacauga Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Talladega Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Tallassee Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Troy Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Trussville Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Tuscaloosa Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Tuscumbia Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Tuskegee Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Vincent Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Westover Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Wetumpka Download
2015 USA: Alabama: Wilton Download
2015 USA: California: Thousand Oaks Download
2015 USA: Florida: Davenport Download
2015 USA: Florida: Orange County Download
2015 USA: IL: Peoria Download
2014 Canada: ON: Barrie Download
2014 Canada: ON: Parry Sound Download
2014 Canada: Ontario: Stratford Download
2014 Canada: Ontario: Toronto Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Alabaster Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Alexander City Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Aliceville Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Andalusia Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Anniston Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Athens Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Auburn Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Bessemer Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Birmingham Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Brent Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Calera Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Centreville Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Chelsea Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Childersburg Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Clanton Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Clayton Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Columbiana Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Cullman Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Dadeville Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Dothan Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Eclectic Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Elba Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Enterprise Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Eufaula Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Florence Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Fort Deposit Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Gadsden Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Georgiana Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Gordo Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Grove Hill Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Hoover Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Huntsville Download
2014 USA: Alabama: LaFayette Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Maplesville Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Millbrook Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Mobile Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Montevallo Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Montgomery Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Moody Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Muscle Shoals Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Opelika Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Orange Beach Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Pelham Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Phenix City Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Pike Road Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Prattville Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Robertsdale Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Samson Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Scottsboro Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Selma Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Sheffield Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Sulligent Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Sylacauga Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Talladega Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Tallassee Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Troy Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Tuscaloosa Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Tuscumbia Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Tuskegee Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Vincent Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Westover Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Wetumpka Download
2014 USA: Alabama: Wilton Download
2014 USA: CA: Thousand Oaks Download
2014 USA: Florida: Oldsmar Download
2014 USA: Florida: Safety Harbor Download
2014 USA: Florida: Seminole Download
2014 USA: Florida: St. Petersburg Download
2014 USA: North Carolina: Angier Download
2014 USA: North Carolina: Coats Download
2014 USA: North Carolina: Dunn Download
2014 USA: North Carolina: Erwin Download
2014 USA: North Carolina: Fuquay Varina Download
2014 USA: North Carolina: Lillington Download
2014 USA: North Carolina: Winston Salem Download
2013 Canada: BC: Nanaimo Download
2013 Canada: BC: Vancouver Download
2013 Canada: Ontario: Oshawa Download
2013 Canada: Ontario: Toronto Download
2013 Canada: SK: Saskatoon Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Alabaster Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Albertville Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Andalusia Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Anniston Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Athens Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Auburn Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Birmingham Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Brent Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Calera Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Chelsea Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Childersburg Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Clanton Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Columbiana Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Cullman Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Dadeville Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Dothan Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Eclectic Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Enterprise Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Eufaula Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Florence Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Greenville Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Hoover Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Huntsville Download
2013 USA: Alabama: LaFayette Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Millbrook Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Montevallo Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Montgomery Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Montgomery - Governor Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Muscle Shoals Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Opelika Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Pelham Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Phenix City Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Prattville Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Samson Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Scottsboro Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Selma Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Sulligent Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Sylacauga Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Talladega Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Tallassee Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Troy Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Tuscaloosa Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Vincent Download
2013 USA: Alabama: Wetumpka Download
2013 USA: CA: Thousand Oaks Download
2013 USA: california: cathedral City Download
2013 USA: California: Coronado Download
2013 USA: california: indio Download
2013 USA: California: Poway Download
2013 USA: Georgia: Centerville Download
2013 USA: Georgia: Perry Download
2013 USA: Georgia: Warner Robins Download
2013 USA: Ohio: Cambridge Download
2013 USA: Texas: Allen Download
2013 USA: Texas: Bartonville Download
2013 USA: Texas: Hurst Download
2013 USA: Texas: Keller Download
2013 USA: Texas: Plano Download
2013 USA: Texas: Southlake Download
2013 USA: Texas: Watauga Download
2013 USA: TX: Colleyville Download
2013 USA: TX: Euless Download
2013 USA: TX: Grapevine Download
2013 USA: TX: NorthRichland Hills Download
2013 USA: TX: Trophy Club Download
2013 USA: TX: Watauga Download
2013 USA: TX: Westlake Download
2012 Canada: BC: Vancouver Download
2012 Canada: Ontario: Oakville Download
2012 Canada: Ontario: Toronto Download
2012 USA: Alabama: Download
2012 USA: Alabama: Birmingham Download
2012 USA: Alabama: Brent Download
2012 USA: Alabama: Chelsea Download
2012 USA: Alabama: Clayton Download
2012 USA: Alabama: Columbiana Download
2012 USA: Alabama: Cullman Download
2012 USA: Alabama: Dadeville Download
2012 USA: Alabama: Dothan Download
2012 USA: Alabama: Eclectic Download
2012 USA: Alabama: Eufaula Download
2012 USA: Alabama: Florence Download
2012 USA: Alabama: Hoover Download
2012 USA: Alabama: Huntsville Download
2012 USA: Alabama: Indian Springs Download
2012 USA: Alabama: LaFayette Download
2012 USA: Alabama: Millbrook Download
2012 USA: Alabama: Mobile Download
2012 USA: Alabama: Montevallo Download
2012 USA: Alabama: Montgomery Download
2012 USA: Alabama: Muscle Shoals Download
2012 USA: Alabama: Prattville Download
2012 USA: Alabama: Robertsdale Download
2012 USA: Alabama: Sulligent Download
2012 USA: Alabama: Sylacauga Download
2012 USA: alabama: Talladega Download
2012 USA: Alabama: Tallassee Download
2012 USA: Alabama: Trussville Download
2012 USA: Alabama: Tuscaloosa Download
2012 USA: Alabama: Wetumpka Download
2012 USA: California: Poway Download
2012 USA: California: San Diego Download
2012 USA: Georgia: Grayson Download
2012 USA: Georgia: Loganville Download
2012 USA: Georgia: Monroe Download
2012 USA: Georgia: Snellville Download
2012 USA: Illinois: Grandview Download
2012 USA: Illinois: Southern View Download
2012 USA: Illinois: Springfield Download
2012 USA: PENNSLYVANIA: Download
2012 USA: TX: Allen Download
2012 USA: TX: Arlington Download
2012 USA: TX: Baytown Download
2012 USA: TX: Bedford Download
2012 USA: TX: Colleyville Download
2012 USA: TX: Frisco Download
2012 USA: TX: Grapevine Download
2012 USA: TX: Houston Download
2012 USA: TX: Hurst Download
2012 USA: TX: Keller Download
2012 USA: TX: Lewisville Download
2012 USA: TX: Little Elm Download
2012 USA: TX: McKinney Download
2012 USA: TX: North Richland Hills Download
2012 USA: TX: Plano Download
2012 USA: TX: Roanoke Download
2012 USA: TX: The Colony Download
2012 USA: TX: Watauga Download
2012 USA: TX: West Lake Hills Download
2012 USA: TX: Westlake Download
2011 Canada: Alberta: Red Deer Download
2011 Canada: Alberta: Rimbey Download
2011 Canada: BC: Nanaimo Download
2011 Canada: British Columbia: Vancouver Download
2011 Canada: Ontario: Barrie Download
2011 Canada: Ontario: Oakville Download
2011 Canada: Ontario: Toronto Download
2011 USA: Alabama: Download
2011 USA: Alabama: Huntsville Download
2011 USA: Alabama: Montevallo Download
2011 USA: Alabama: Montgomery Download
2011 USA: CA: Barstow Download
2011 USA: IL: Springfield Download
2011 USA: NJ: Moorestown Download
2011 USA: NY: Brookhaven Download
2011 USA: NY: New York State Senate Download
2011 USA: Oklahoma: Download
2011 USA: Pa: Hatboro Download
2011 USA: TX: Grapevine Download
2011 USA: TX: Irving Download
2011 USA: TX: Lewisville Download
2011 USA: TX: North Richland Hills Download
2011 USA: TX: Southlake Download
2011 USA: TX: Watauga Download
2011 USA: TX: Westlake Download
2010 Canada: Alberta: Ponoka Download
2010 Canada: Alberta: Rimbey Download
2010 Canada: BC: Nanaimo Download
2010 Canada: British Columbia: Vancouver Download
2010 Canada: NS: Halifax Download
2010 Canada: Ontario: Barrie Download
2010 Canada: Ontario: Oakville Download
2010 Canada: Ontario: Ottawa Download
2010 Canada: Ontario: Toronto Download
2010 Canada: Ontario: Township of Adjala-Tosorontio Download
2009 Canada: Alberta: Rimbey Download
2009 Canada: BC: Nanaimo Download
2009 Canada: British Columbia: Vancouver Download
2009 Canada: Ontario: Adjala Download
2009 Canada: Ontario: Alliston Download
2009 CANADA: Ontario: Burlington Download
2009 Canada: Ontario: Hamilton Download
2009 Canada: Ontario: NEW TECUMSETH Download
2009 Canada: Ontario: Oakville Download
2009 Canada: Ontario: Ottawa Download
2009 Canada: Ontario: Sault Ste. Marie Download
2009 USA: Alabama: Download
2009 USA: Florida: Gainesville Download
2009 USA: Indiana: Download
2009 USA: Indiana: Ellettsville Download
2008 Canada: Alberta: Edmonton Download
2008 Canada: Ontario: Oakville Download
2008 USA: Alabama: Download
2008 USA: Arkansas: Download
2008 USA: Georgia: Download
2008 USA: Maryland: Download
2008 USA: Mississippi: Download
2008 USA: West Virgina: Download
2007 Bermuda: : Download
2007 USA: Connecticut: Download
2007 USA: Florida: Download
2007 USA: Indiana: Download
2007 USA: Iowa: Download
2007 USA: Kentuckey: Download
2007 USA: Montara: Download
2007 USA: Nebraska: Download
2006 USA: Maine: Download


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